Chaney Empire Logo (Red & Gray Background)
Who We Are
Chaney Empire (CE) was founded by Gary Chaney in Baltimore, Maryland (United States of America). CE has been formed with the intentions of helping independent artist, business owners, and entrepreneurs by offering services that will help them to build their own solid foundation. We have the tools you need to get your portfolio website or business website up and running in no time.
What We Do
We specialize in music production, video production, website development & hosting, data recovery and many other fields within the Multimedia & Information Technology industries.
Mission Satement
To advance independent artist, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all structures towards their next phase.
Vision Statement
To evolve with the intent of helping individuals and businesses to become more valuable within their market.
Core Values

1) Morals
2) Faith
3) Patience
4) Ambition
5) Wisdom

6) Dedication
7) Industriousness
8) Sacrifice
9) Stewardship
10) Self-Control

11) Tolerance
12) Gratitude
13) Diversity

Our Three-Branch Structure

Social Club
Welcomes individuals who are (but not limited to) multimedia specialist, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

Maintains our products, services that are offered, and business investments.

For recycling purposes, animal humane societies, public events, youth programs, etc

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